2 Simples Ways to Awaken the Sexual Beast in Her Using Lube

2 Simples Ways to Awaken the Sexual Beast in Her Using Lube

Sex is supposed to be one of the most exciting recreational activities for couples. But unfortunately, not many women look forward to it unless they are really pressed by hormones and are horny. So in as much as women are responsible for keeping the excitement going, men should always be on top of the game, especially when it comes to pleasing women. But as it is, most men just have time for a quick session that takes them to heaven regardless of whether the woman has achieved the same results or not.

When you don’t pay enough attention to your woman’s sexual needs, boredom checks in, and you will slowly watch her slip out of the session every single time. Women require lots of attention to reach sexual excitement, and the truth is as long as you arouse her in every possible way physically, she will naturally open up to you and get in the mood so together you can have mind blowing love making sessions. If all you have been doing is reaching for your personal lubricants just to make her wet enough for penetration and reduce friction, then you should be whipped for making bedroom matters so boring for her. Luckily it is never too late to change! There is more than one way you can use lube on your woman to bring her sexual appetite as high as yours. How about you start with the two below and see the results?

1. Touch and massage her erogenous zones 

If you know your woman very well, you know what areas of her body arouse her sexual desires when touched. Women are created differently, and therefore what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, you must start by finding out what parts she likes touched and kissed to get her in the mood. The next to bringing out her inner sexual beast is to use lube to sensually massage those areas; silicone or water-based natural lubricant is the best for this kind of massage. You can begin with a typical massage on the shoulders and back to relax her before progressing into those zones. Her reaction will easily tell you what she finds pleasurable, so pay attention. If you do it right, you will be surprised at how hot and ready she will be for the sex. When both parties are all in and ready, sex is beautiful!

2. Create your own amusement park 

Lube is slippery and smooth, making it an excellent tool for some sexual slides! Maybe it has never crossed your mind, but women know exactly where they want to be rubbed and how they want it. Therefore the least you can do to excite and satisfy her is to offer her that chance without making her feel awkward. You can do this by applying lube on each other, especially around the chest, abdomen, and thighs, then lying on your back and allowing her to come on top of you for some sliding! Body to body slides will arouse both of you, and she might even climax as she playfully rubs her clitoris on your body the right way. 

Lubex intimate products can turn things around for the better in your bedroom. Using the correct lubricant gel in the right way will make you look at sex in a whole new dimension. You can also try out other women hygiene products, including vaginal wipes, to make things pleasant from all angles.
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