100% Discreet Packing

Your Confidentiality, Our Commitment

At Lubex, safeguarding your privacy is our commitment. We understand that certain purchases can be personal and even embarrassing if discovered by others. That's why we've taken every step to ensure your shopping experience remains as discreet as possible. Our discreet packaging and double-protection measures reflect our dedication to providing a confidential and respectful shopping experience.

Double-Protection Packing for Maximum Privacy

At Lubex, your privacy is of paramount importance to us. That's why we've implemented a comprehensive double-protection packing system to ensure your order remains confidential and discreet throughout its journey to your doorstep.  Not only your outer package is discreet, but even the inner package is 100% discreet.

Discreet Exterior for Unmatched Confidentiality

From the moment your order is packed, we ensure that the exterior packaging gives away nothing about its contents. There are no logos, branding, or markings that could reveal what's inside. This means that whether the package is handled by delivery personnel, neighbours, or anyone else, your order's contents will remain entirely private.

Inner Box Discretion: Added Layer of Confidentiality

We go even further to ensure your privacy. Our inner box, nestled within the outer packaging, is also 100% discreet. This means that even if someone opens the outer box, the inner box maintains the same level of confidentiality. Your order's contents remain hidden from view at all times.


Address Only: Your Information Safeguarded

The only information visible on the package is your shipping address. We don't include any labelling or details that hint at the nature of the contents. This way, you can confidently receive your order without worrying about anyone discovering what's inside.

No Invoice on Top: Keeping Your Details Secure

Rest assured, there won't be any invoice, receipt, or documentation attached to the top of the package. We understand that your privacy matters, which is why we keep all purchase details and documentation securely enclosed within the package itself. Your sensitive information stays protected from prying eyes.


Shop with confidence, knowing that we've taken every step to prioritize your privacy and provide a discreet shopping experience that respects your individuality.