5 Fun Ways to Use Lube with Your Man

5 Fun Ways to Use Lube with Your Man

When it comes to sex, some women leave all the work to the men, from foreplay to penetration. Whereas most men don’t mind dominating intimacy, a good number can easily get bored when that moment is the same every single time. If you are a woman who wants to get your man interested all over again and not get enough of you, maybe it is time you become proactive in bed! You could start by getting ready for your man with the right choice of lingerie, or you can also role-play if it is something that he pleasures. 

Besides lingerie to spice things up, you can also try intimate products to get you both in the mood. Vaginal wipes are some of the popular women hygiene products, and you can use them to keep your flower smelling clean and fresh before or after intercourse. Personal lubricants are also largely used to wade off vaginal dryness that leads to painful and uncomfortable sex. But besides using the gel to ensure the genitals are wet enough to make sex pleasurable for both of you, you can also use it to make intimacy fun for your man. Below are the best ways to get him excited and fulfilled in bed. 

1. Intensify hand pleasure 

Men love hand jobs because they feel the woman is going out of her way to pleasure them. However, it may not be as pleasurable to go down there and start hand pumping his gun dry. You can turn the tables around with a little lube and have your man moaning with pleasure. Lubricated hand jobs are great ways of waking him for penetration or going all the way to pleasure him without penetration. 

2. Give him a sexy massage 

Massages between couples are therapeutic and have a way of bringing them even closer. Usually, a massage transitions into satisfying sex for both parties. Use lube to gently reward your man with a tension relieving massage, and enjoy how it all plays out into a hot sex escapade. Lube makes massages smoother and excites all senses in a sexy way. 

3. Get him in the mood 

Just like women, men too have days they don’t feel like sex. It could be because they are worrying about things such as finances, a project, or anything else they are attached to. If you want to get some freak on and he is not feeling it, use lube to excite and get him in the mood. You can use a water-based natural lubricant to massage him from around the stomach, the things, and gently around his genitals. It is a simple way of letting him know exactly what you want and getting him ready for it. 

4. Stimulate his G-spot 

Yes, men too have a G-spot right inches from the anus, and you can gently massage it during intercourse to give him exploding sexual pleasure. Simply add a little lube on your finger and find that prostate gland gently. 

5. Make oral sex sweet 

Oral sex is part of foreplay and is even better when reciprocated. With flavored lube, you can make it exciting for your partner and pleasant for you. You can also have him use some sugar-free lubricant gel on you when it is his turn to lick it up! 

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