6 Ways to Make Sex Easier, Comfortable, Pleasurable and Better with Lube

6 Ways to Make Sex Easier, Comfortable, Pleasurable and Better with Lube

We live in a world where people are no longer shy to discover sex and try all kinds of things while at it. Sex takes different forms and sometimes requires aids such as sex toys and lubricants to reach maximum pleasure levels. 

Lube is among the best intimate products you can choose to improve your sexual experience. The lubricant helps ensure the vaginal, penis, or anus is wet enough to make a sexual encounter pleasurable in every way. It eliminates dryness that leads to tears, pain, and very uncomfortable sex; it is a reliable tool during foreplay, masturbation, and intercourse as it offers that extra slide everyone needs. Lube is not designed only for those who experience dryness for whatever reason but also for those with no wetness issues because it enhances the overall experience. 

Lube is available in petroleum, oil, silicone, and water-based options. Never assume all lubricants work the same because they don’t. As far as the types go, what you should understand is that water-based and silicone-based lubes are the best. It is because they are safe to use with condoms, unlike the petroleum and oil-based lubes, which break down the latex leaving you at risk of STIs and pregnancy. Also, you should settle on a water-based natural lubricant when using silicone sex toys since silicone-based lubricants can damage the toys. The six ways you can use lube to make sex better include:

1. Oral sex – as gross as it might sound, a few drops of lube can go a long way in making those blowjobs last longer without your saliva drying out or your jaw hurting. The same applies when using fingers or the tongue to stimulate the clitoris. With flavored lube, your mouth will not find the experience strange. 

2. Anal sex – the anus is not designed to self-lubricate, and you should never forget this every time you want to take this sexual route. Penetrating without proper lubrication can be very uncomfortable and painful. Don’t be selfish, grab that silicone lubricant gel for your and your partner’s comfort. 

3. Masturbation – as unnatural as it is, people always pleasure themselves. There should be no reason you damage your skin and hands when you have lube as a readily available aid. Lube is way better than lotions which can cause allergic reactions and infections when there are trapped bacteria. Water and silicone-based personal lubricants are best for this. 

4. Vaginal intercourse – lube is commonly used for vaginal intercourse because this is what most people engage in. It makes sex better by eliminating dryness and enhancing the slide. It can be applied on the vagina, penis, or even condom; a few drops can go a long way. 

5. In condom – using a few drops in your condom makes sex feel more natural as it increases sensitivity. Lube allows you the pleasure of natural sex even as you keep pregnancies and STIs at bay. 

6. For mood – Modern living can be stressful, making it harder for people to relax and get ready for sex. If it takes longer for you or your partner to get in the mood, massage each other with a little gel, and the show is on in no time!

Apart from the lubricants, you may also try other intimate hygiene products like vaginal wipes. Lubex has some of the best intimate hygiene products waiting for you!
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