7 Ways to Use Lube to Feel and Remain Sexy the Whole Time

7 Ways to Use Lube to Feel and Remain Sexy the Whole Time

Traditionally, women were always viewed as more of givers than receivers when it came to sex. Sex was only viewed as appropriate when the hints came from the man and not the other way around. Fortunately, those days are gone, and now women can take as much control in an intimate session as men; the result is more satisfying and fulfilling sex, even for women. 

But even with so much control and freedom in bedroom matters, some women still find it hard to fully embrace personal lubrication as much as it helps eliminate the friction that makes sex uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Intimate products such as lube can go a long way in improving sex, but the thought of having to stop to lubricate makes women shy for fear of losing momentum and mood just when things start heating up. But there are so many ways you can still work around the awkwardness and worries to enjoy the benefits of proper lubrication and remain sexy the entire time. 

1. Include lube massages in your foreplay 

This is one of the simplest ways of using lube without feeling awkward. A smooth massage as you play with your partner allows you to introduce lubrication without awkward pauses. You can use a silicone or water based natural lubricant to give each other that sensual massage which will definitely transition into beautiful lovemaking. 

2. Get your partner wet and ready 

Men love intimately active women. A simple hand job can be all you need to get started and use lube without ruining the mood for yourself or your partner. Good foreplay always leads to even better sex, so apply that gel on your hand and start working on your partner sweetly. You can also use flavored lube to make oral sex perfect and pleasurable. 

3. Seductively guide your partner to lubricate you 

If you are too shy to apply lube on yourself, how about passing the bottle over to your partner as they initiate foreplay and seductively guide them to do what you want without uttering a word. You will be surprised at how incredibly the simple actions will turn your partner on; you can also expect to reap the benefits of a well stimulated clitoris. 

4. Use cute dispensers and bottles 

Lube is usually packaged in discreet bottles, but it can still be cumbersome to handle if it is in a large bottle. So, how about making things easier and cuter by placing your lube in smaller bottles or dispensers? It is always better when you can quickly reach and apply the amount you need without interfering with the intimate flow. 

5. Try lube on yourself first 

Experimenting with lubrication on yourself first, especially if you are new to the products, is important in helping you know exactly how you like it done. You can use some lube on your fingers or toys as masturbatory aid just to wrap your head around how to use it. When you already know what you like about it, it becomes easy to introduce it to your partner seamlessly. 

6. Apply privately before you start 

If you want to remain discreet when using lube because you feel anything else will ruin the moment, then by all means dash to the bathroom and apply some gel before you start steaming with your partner. You should, however, stay away from oral sex because your partner will definitely taste the lube which can be uncomfortable, especially when they know nothing about it. 

7. Make the application as kinky as possible

The last thing you want to do is apply lube in a mechanical, boring way; it can quickly turn both of you off. Try a lap dance instead, undress seductively, and encourage your partner to lubricate you from a sexy position. You can role-play to make it even more pleasant if you both like that. 

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