8 Clever Ways You Can Use Lube In Daily Life

8 Clever Ways You Can Use Lube In Daily Life

Lube has become a must have sexual accessory for many because of its ability to improve comfort and enhance pleasure. It is among intimate products that effortlessly fix common bedroom issues giving everyone a chance to know what sexual pleasure is all about. But besides giving you the glide and slide you need to get your freak on, you can use lube in many other ways unrelated to sex! Yes, it might seem unbelievable but your personal lubricants can come in handy in other areas, including the following.

1. Preventing blisters and chaffing – if you run, you know how painful blisters and chaffing can be. To prevent the situations from arising, add a few drops of silicone-based lube in your running shoes to reduce the chances of blisters forming. You can also apply some on your thighs and nipples to minimize chaffing as you run.

2. Use as a shaving cream – next time you are in a rush and can’t seem to find your favorite shaving cream but lube is right there, use it as the cream! Water-based natural lubricant is best for this as it provides the smooth glide of the razor over the skin and no chance of a nasty skin reaction. You can then rinse it off with water and soap.

3. Polishing leathers – we all know that leather becomes dull and unsightly hence the reason we have leather cleaners. Lube is just as good as your leather cleaner; it will buff out the dirt and leave your leather shiny. Silicone-based lubricants are best on leather, and you can use a washcloth or toothbrush to achieve desired results.

4. Removing stuck rings and bracelets – Applying a good amount of lube on bracelets and rings that are stuck, maybe because of swelling or contraction, saves you from all the anxiety that comes with the situation. You will be surprised by how easily the ring slides off your finger.

5. Moisturizing the skin – Yes, you can use lube as a body lotion to enjoy a perfectly moisturized skin. You can use water-based or organic lubricants, which come with the added advantage of healing dry skin. Silicone-based lubes are also great for massages but messy to use all day long as lotion, so choose wisely.

6. Styling hair – Who knew you could use lubricant gel to style hair like a professional? The dimethicone found in most hair gels is present in lube and will reduce frizz and increase the shine on your hair effortlessly.

7. Removing makeup – If you are spontaneous, then you know a makeup kit is something you don’t always have when you need it most. But removing your makeup should be nothing to worry about when you have a bottle of lube with you. Lube removes makeup so well, and you can also dab a little to keep your lip gloss fresh for longer.

8. Removing stubborn adhesive residues – Whether it is bandage residue on your skin or sticker residue on your bike chain, fishing rod, and other surfaces, lube will do the trick for you. To reduce residue left over on your skin, apply some lube before ripping anything off your skin or surface.

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