A Simple Guide to Choose the Perfect Lube for You

A Simple Guide to Choose the Perfect Lube for You

Intimate hygiene products are very important in making sex adventurous, pleasurable, and safe at the same time. Women hygiene products include vaginal wipes, which help in keeping the vagina area clean and free from infections. They can be used to clean messes during menstruation, after sex, or even daily for when you need to clean up down there, like after using a public toilet. 

Intimate products come in different forms, and apart from the wipes, there is the famous lube. It is an intimate lubricant most people love to have because of the pleasure and comfort it adds to any sexual activity. Lube allows you to be as adventurous as you wish, whatever your sexual preferences; it is good for vaginal, anal, or masturbation encounters. The lubricants are also very good at making foreplay just as pleasurable as the actual sex. But considering lube comes in different types, you must consider all options, match them up with your sexual preferences, and then choose. 

The types 

Persona lubricants are generally in three types, water-based, silicone, and oil-based products. 

Water-based lubricants – are popular, especially because they can safely be used with condoms without damaging them. This type of lube is also friendly to human skin and does not damage sex toys. They are also easy to clean off and are quite affordable. Water-based natural lubricant is the best for those with sensitive skin or those who love using sex toys. The only downside with the lubricants is that they do not last as long; you might need to reapply occasionally. 

Silicone-based lube – this type is also safe on human skin and lasts even when used underwater. Choose this type if you love some action in the shower or tub. On the downside, silicone lubricants are messy and hard to clean up. You also can’t use with silicone sex toys as they can stain or damage the toy surfaces. 

Oil-based lube – oil-based lube makes a good choice when you want to hand play with the penis, massage, and external masturbation. It lasts long and offers you the slipperiness and wetness you need for the situation. However, it damages latex condoms and can leave harmful bacteria trapped in the vagina, easily leading to infections.

Apart from knowing the lube types, a few questions will help you decide which is best for you. 

How discreet is the lube? This is especially important if you have nosy roommates or kids you can’t shut out of your room. Lube bottles that don’t necessarily scream what they are all about will not have you holding your breath every time someone invades your space. 

Is oral sex part of my spontaneity? Sexual adventure and exploration can be fun. If you love some oral stuff, you should consider flavored lube which retains the excitement even after penetration; stopping to clean off between the penetrations, licks, and sucks can quickly erase the excitement. 

Am I planning for a baby? Lube is used to ensure the genitals are wet enough for pleasurable sex. But because it is thick, it can interfere with sperm mobility; they may not swim far enough to fertilize the eggs. If you are planning to get pregnant, look for lubricant gels designed for that purpose. 

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