Bored Of Using Lube The Same Way Every Time? 10 simple ways of bringing back the excitement and anticipation!

Bored Of Using Lube The Same Way Every Time? 10 simple ways of bringing back the excitement and anticipation!

Applying lube to make the vagina wet can get boring if that’s all you do with your lube all the time. There are so many other avenues you can explore using your lubricant to make intimacy pleasurable, deep and memorable; you need to think out of the box to unlock all the surprises lube has to offer. Still don’t know what more you can do with that lubricant gel?

1. Use it to stimulate your body 
Besides the usual silicone and water-based natural lubricants designed to make sex feel better, there are also specialty lubricants that do so much more! For example, there are lubes that warm your body up when applied or cool your skin in a gentle, pleasurable manner to get you all ready for a steamy session. You can also try out lubes that offer tingling sensations to stimulate erotic zones such as the nipples. Experiment with different products and your body will surprise you every time. 

2. Exchange sensual massages
They may be designed for intra-vaginal and anal use, but they do no harm when applied to other areas of your body. In fact, the slippery smooth texture makes the lubricants for sensual massages for you and your partner so you can relax right before intercourse.

3. Tease her with a greased vibrator 
Sex toys are great when you know just the right way to use them. So how about greasing it with a silky smooth lubricant and driving her wild?

4. Make your lips heavenly for oral sex 
Men love blow jobs, but they can be hard work for your jaws and mouth. However, a little lube on your lips will fetch you the slippage and extra glide to pleasure him without straining your mouth in the process. 

5. Grease up your hands for a mind-blowing hand job 
Nothing can be worse than a dry hand job! Apart from being extremely uncomfortable for the man, your hands will be crying for a rest after a few seconds. Fortunately, you can turn things around with a good amount of lube. 

6. Let your tip do the trick 
The truth is many women rely on the clitoris for extreme sexual pleasure. So the next time you get down, try a drop of lube on your condom tip and gently play with the clitoris to see her melt with pleasure. Then, make it more intense by dipping in and out the vagina and back on the clit; thank us later. 

7. Add to the excitement with your breasts 
Anywhere a penis can grip and slide equals pleasure, the cleavage included. So try out a new trick by greasing up the breasts and holding them together for him to slide in on his knees…

8. Make condoms enjoyable
With lube at hand, you need not be afraid of condoms robbing you off sexual sensitivity. A few drops in and on the condom will have you enjoying gloved sex like never before.  

9. Fix your squeaky bed 
A squeaky bed can be a quick turn off for some people, and your neighbors or housemates won’t appreciate it either. However, a few drops on the joints can be all you need to concentrate more on the act, not the noise. 

10. Lick her up like ice cream 
Flavored lube makes her lady bits delicious and she will be bursting with pleasure. Sugar-free lubes are best for this as they minimize the chances of infection if not properly washed off. 

Lubex offers top-quality intimate hygiene products, including vaginal wipes and personal lubricants. Try out the different products, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new things!
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