Busting 3 Common Lube Myths

Busting 3 Common Lube Myths

Lube is a personal lubricant in liquid or gel form. It is applied to the genitals to aid wetness during sex, thus making the activity more enjoyable. Personal lubricants help prevent friction that makes sex uncomfortable and sometimes painful, especially for women who experience vaginal dryness. But even with no dryness issues, lube is good at making foreplay more pleasurable and fun. Intimate lubricants are good for penetrative vaginal sex, masturbation, and anal sex.

There is a wide range of intimate lubricants in the market today, and as more people discover sexual pleasures and pay attention to their sexuality, we should expect more products to be developed. Lube is available in supermarkets, health stores, and even pharmacies giving everyone an easy time finding products they need to improve their sex lives. But what has made the lubricants so popular?

They can be used by anyone and for anything

Lube has no typical user; it can be used by all people of legal age, gender, and sexuality. People have different pleasure points, and the gel can be applied to any part that feels good. Lube can be used even with sex toys; you just need to decide which is better between oil, silicone, and water-based lubricants.

They enhance pleasure

Dryness is a common issue during sex, but with lube, you can enjoy pleasurable sex. Lube creates cooling or warming sensations when applied, and because it is available in different flavors, you can choose one that turns you on in all senses. When used with condoms, sex feels more natural; some will even delay ejaculation.

They eliminate dryness

Lubricants eliminate dryness that leads to uncomfortable and painful sex. Hormone levels, stress, and medication can all interfere with wetness. It is common for people to think that only women have issues with dryness. However, men also experience penis dryness, and the results can be embarrassing. With lube in hand though, both parties can enjoy better sex.

They make sex safer


Whereas it is very important to have protected sex, lube makes unprotected sex safer by eliminating friction that could lead to injuries. When used with condoms, the chances of the condom breaking or falling are also reduced, thus increasing protection from STIs. A water-based natural lubricant is a great choice to use with condoms as it causes no breakdown.

But even with the obvious benefits of using a lubricant to enhance sexual pleasure, there are myths around lube that leave people torn between using and not using lubricants. The myths need to be dispelled so everyone interested is able to see the best of what lube has to offer.

Myth 1 – Lube is unsuitable for younger women

The most common myth about intimate lubricants is that they are only suitable for older women already experiencing the effects of menopause. During menopause, estrogen levels reduce which in turn causes vaginal dryness. It is, therefore, true that intimate gels can enhance sex for those going through menopause.

The only mistake here is that the myth only associates dryness with age. The truth is women can experience vaginal dryness regardless of their age. Wetness levels vary in women and can result from a lack of proper foreplay, stress and anxiety, medication and medical conditions, or hormonal changes.

When there is a lack of foreplay, sexual excitement is not achieved, and this only makes penetration uncomfortable and even painful. Anxiety and stress interfere with natural lubrication because the mind cannot focus on the sex. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, contraception, and menstruation can also affect natural lubrication levels.

Lube saves the day for all women going through any of the above. All women of legal sexual age can use the lubricants for their pleasure.

Myth 2 – Lube is for women's issues and anal sex

water-based natural lubricant

When talking about dryness, it is common for people to assume it's an issue only women have. Whereas it is true that lube benefits anuses and vaginas, it also benefits penises to a great extent. Intimate gels are for men too because they enhance masturbation through longer-lasting hydration and better lubrication compared to lotions. They are also helpful for men experiencing erectile dysfunction by reducing friction and increasing thrust velocity.

Silicone and water-based lubricants also greatly reduce premature ejaculation as they acclimate the penis to vaginal sensations. They can be combined with sex toys to offer some endurance training to the penis.

Myth 3 – All intimate lubricants are the same

No, they are not, so you should not interchange them at will like most people do. You risk getting skin irritations, allegoric reactions, and damaged sex toys when you use the wrong type. Understanding the types of lubricants is vital so you can choose wisely according to your sexual requirements.

Water-based – water-based intimate lubricants are very popular because they offer a natural feel, are inexpensive, and they hydrate pretty well too. The best thing about this type is it does not stain the material it comes into contact with and is also condom safe. You can use the lubricant gel with most sex toys, diaphragms, and latex condoms without worrying that something will go wrong.

Silicone-based – silicone-based lubricants mimic their water-based counterparts because they are safe with latex condoms. Unfortunately, they are not the perfect choice for sex toys as they can damage their surfaces. Their high point is the ability to last longer; you may not need to reapply during sexual activity as they last all through.

Oil-based – oil-based lubricants are generally creamier and thicker, making them very good for masturbation and foreplay. They are, however, not as suitable with latex condoms because they compromise their integrity, leaving you at risk of pregnancy and STIs.

Petroleum-based – petroleum-based lubricant products are thick and last a long time, but they may cause vaginal irritation. They are also hard to wash off and can destroy latex. It would be best to avoid this type of lubricant for your sexual escapades.


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