Common mistakes that men need to avoid while using lube

Common mistakes that men need to avoid while using lube

There are many instances where we find ourselves in need of sexual accessories such as lubricants. These intimate hygiene products are very important as they can change your whole experience. Lubricants are very accessible and can be used in many ways. Use is also quite easy. However, some men assume that lubricants can be interchanged or used the same. This is not true. Misconceptions regarding ingredients can cause sexual mishaps that are either dangerous or embarrassing. The common mistakes include:

Using latex condoms with oil-based lubricants

Anyone who cares about safe sex understands how important condoms are. They help prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancies. However, some feel that condoms diminish the pleasure associated with penetrative sex. To compensate for the condom effects, lube can be applied outside and/or inside the material. Always use a water-based natural lubricant. Oil-based options can easily break down the latex, which diminishes its ability to prevent pregnancy and infections. These lubricants need to be avoided. Oil-based lubes are not the best as they can trap bacteria within the vagina causing bad infections.

Saliva as lube

Sometimes, using saliva as a personal lubricant seems convenient and may work well in some circumstances. This easy solution can come with some serious repercussions. Saliva can easily transfer bacteria and viruses from the mouth to the genitals. Oral herpes can be transferred and spread to the genitals causing genital herpes. The mouth is bacteria-infested, and using it to help in sex puts your partner at risk. It is better to choose women's hygiene products that are safe.

Using OTC lubes when trying to be a dad.

For a better chance of conception, avoid over-the-counter lubricants. They may frustrate any chance you have. Lubricants can make it hard for sperm to swim in the vagina and hit the target. Some lubes have spermicide chemicals that are not safe or healthy for your sperm's survival. In such a case, seek a lube that is fertility friendly.

Using lube as a contraceptive

We have noted above that over-the-counter lubes can cause sperm ineffectiveness. Because of this, some men assume that the lubes may be used as a contraceptive and therefore refrain from using condoms. Lube decreases the chance of pregnancy but does not eliminate the chances of the same.
Using cooling lotions

Cooling lotions have camphor and menthol, among others. This causes a burning sensation in the vagina and penis. If you want to be adventurous, avoid such products and choose Lubex intimate products, as they don't irritate your genitals.

Personal hygiene products serving as lubricants

Bathroom sex is usually spontaneous, and one may try to get adventurous with shower gels or soaps to spice things up. This is irresponsible. Such products have chemicals that can be very irritating. Stick to Lubex to keep you and your partner safe.

Getting a lubricant gel may be exactly what you need to help with intimacy, especially when that extra lubrication is needed. However, choosing women's hygiene products carefully is important to keep your partner safe. Vaginal wipes, intimate wipes, or any other products coming into contact with the genital area need to be safe and water-based. Lubex has high-quality products to spice up your adventure.

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