Does Lube Really Improve Women’s Sex lives?

Does Lube Really Improve Women’s Sex lives?

Lubricants undoubtedly add glide during sexual intercourse, making it feel more pleasurable and better. In addition, they help in minimizing skin irritation, chafing and dryness that can easily ruin how a lovemaking session goes. But as much as lube is beneficial in the bedroom, some feel it is boring and unnecessary. 

The Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion (CSHP) recently conducted studies to evaluate the benefits of using lubrication, especially among women. The studies confirmed what we already knew about lube, and that it has positive sexual effects that improve the lives of women across the board. If you are in the group of people doubting the usefulness of personal lubricants during sex, then the research breakdown below will help you cross over and transform your sex life. 

To start us off, let’s look at what the study was about exactly:

* The research was conducted by the Indiana University center 

* It examined the intra-vaginal lubricant effects of lube during sex on more than 2000 women

* More than 50% of the women taking part in the studies were married, and 6% were heterosexual 

* The participants were averagely 32.5 years 

* Water-based natural lubricants and silicone-based lubes were used in the study

Also important to mention that this study is the first of its kind to examine how the use of lubricant gel impacts sexual situations. Are you curious about the findings? Well, according to the studies:

Women love using lube 

According to the participants in the studies, using lubrication significantly improved the sexual experience by more than 70%. In addition, the women indicated that sex did feel more comfortable and extremely pleasurable when using lubricants. 

The endorsement does not come as a surprise to us because we already know that personal lubricants offer silky, wet effects which kill friction on the skin. They are the perfect complement to that natural body lubrication. 

Lube has virtually no downsides 

From the studies on water-based and silicone-based lubricants, vaginal tearing occasions were less than 1% of all vaginal events, whereas genital pain was reported in less than 5% of the sexual acts using the lubricants. Additionally, participants did not associate the side effects to using lube during intercourse, thereby leading to the conclusion that there is really no downside when you incorporate some lube in your sex life. 

Lubex has some of the best intimate products you can use to heat things up in the bedroom. As long as you take the time to know what works for what, then your experience will always be fulfilling and joyous.

Applying lube is just as fun

Contrary to the awkwardness most people feel they would experience when applying lube, participants in the studies actually found applying lubrication half the fun. More than 58% of the women had their partners applying lube on them, more than 54% of the women applied lubrication on their partner’s fingers, whereas more than 53% of the women applied lubricants on their partner’s genitals without raining down on the parade!

There are creative and fun ways you can use to lubricate yourself or your partner before or during sex. Think of fun and creative ways such as using your mouth to apply flavored gel on your partner, or seductively guiding your partner to apply it on you! The application can be as fun as you want it to be, not awkward.

Sex is safer using lube

The CHSP study concluded that prevention of vaginal tearing and increasing comfort are the other main reasons women use lube. Considering how nasty bacterial infections can be, women feel safer using lubrication. When the wetness is just right, tearing that can easily lead to transmission of STI’s is also reduced and comfort increased.

Yes, lube takes sex higher for both parties. You can also try vaginal wipes and other women hygiene products to improve your sexual experience every time.
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