Fancy Anal Sex? Use Lube with Condoms to Maximize Pleasure and Minimize Risk

Fancy Anal Sex? Use Lube with Condoms to Maximize Pleasure and Minimize Risk

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable for both parties, and friction is the one thing that robs off pleasure for many people. When there is no proper lubrication around the genitals, the pleasure turns into discomfort, pain, and skin damage. Adequate wetness is very important in vaginal or anal sex as it is the only way you and your partner can enjoy the sex you both fancy. 

Besides comfort and pleasure, practicing safe sex at all times is important. The truth is that STIs and STDs are very real, even with anal sex, and you can never ignore condoms. With the right lube, you won’t even remember that you are wearing the condom; every thrust will be a pleasure! So what lube is best for safe anal, and how should you use it?

Best lube to use with condoms 

Personal lubricants make sex more pleasurable, but not all can be used with condoms. The products use different ingredients to achieve different results. Some of the ingredients can damage the latex, beating the logic of using it in the first place. Condoms are essential during anal sex as they help avoid transmitting or contracting HIV and other infections. When lubricating for anal penetration with a condom, it is best to choose water or silicone-based lubricants. The two do not damage latex as oil or petroleum lubricants. Water-based natural lubricant wins over silicone because it is less messy and easy to clean. Silicone lubricants, on the other hand, win over their water-based counterparts in terms of lasting longer. 

For anal penetration, however, most couples seem to prefer silicone lubrication because it does not call for too much reapplication. If you love being spontaneous, silicone also makes a great choice when you decide to enjoy some shower sex because it lasts even when exposed to water. 

Using lube for safe anal sex 

Whereas intimate products have become very common, many people still wonder why they need lubricant gel for anal sex. Unlike the vagina which was created to self-lubricate in readiness for sex, the butt was not. It is an area with sensitive thin tissues that can easily be damaged without proper care. Penetrating the anus without lube causes tears around the rectum, thus increasing HIV transmission risk besides being very painful to the person you are penetrating. Your penis will also not celebrate going in there, and it is only reasonable that you lubricate as much as needed. 

The best way to use lube when having anal sex is to apply it generously to the penis and also the anus about to be penetrated. This way, penetration is made easy and comfortable. If you find condoms a nuisance, use a few drops in the condom to increase sensitivity and pleasure; it is a simple way of making the feeling natural. 

It is important to have intimate hygiene products at hand, especially if you live a spontaneous lifestyle where sex can take place unexpectedly. Using saliva to lubricate when caught unaware won’t work that well, especially for anal sex. Luckily intimate products are packaged in varying sizes in that you can easily carry a bottle of lube together with your condoms just in case a situation arises. Apart from lube, women hygiene products like vaginal wipes are also great to have in your purse.
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