How Does Lubex Help During Oral Sex?

How Does Lubex Help During Oral Sex?

Oral sex is an all-time favorite among people who enjoy various sexual intercourse forms. It entails the stimulation of the genital organs by one partner, instilling a sense of arousal and pleasure in both, and heating the action in the bedroom. 

However, oral sex can become a little complicated for the people on the giving end. It may be due to oral fatigue, lack of experience, pain in the tongue and mouth, etc. Nevertheless, a single solution exists for all the issues- Lubex. Lubex, or lubricant gel, can help enhance the performance and experience of oral sex for both the recipient and the giver.   

Unlike popular belief, personal lubricants are not solely for anal and vaginal intercourse. The items aid in lubrication, reducing friction and allowing for the smooth sliding of male genital parts or sex toys. The same concept applies and helps during oral sex. 

In this article, let us see how Lubex can help stimulate and pleasure both partners during oral sex. 

For Men

Although the idea may seem bizarre, lubricants can get used on men during oral sex. It can get applied to their manhood to promote lubrication. It helps increase the duration of the blowjob and increase the ecstasy of the activity. Additionally, lubricants make it easier to slide the mouth in and out, reducing the workload of the giver. Otherwise, a dry mouth, achy jaws, and sore lips can reduce the pleasure of oral sex, making the act unpleasant and short. 

Generally, people use water-based natural lubricants for sexual intercourse, anal, oral, or vaginal. However, the fun and excitement of blowjobs can get increased with the help of flavored lubes. For instance, various fruit flavors can get chosen. It can consist of oranges, apples, watermelons, strawberries, etc. It increases the giver’s pleasure and arousal, which, in turn, stimulates the receiver as well. 

For Women

Lubrication is exceedingly helpful in stimulating women and plunging them into a sense of arousal. Furthermore, it helps increase the blood flow to the genital organs and vagina, enabling the body to secrete fluids. 

There are several ways of using lubes on women during oral sex. The first entails pouring the liquid directly over the vagina. It helps smoothen the area, allowing both fingers and tongues to slide in comfortably without hurting any partner. It helps stimulate the clitoris, making the act pleasurable. Furthermore, when Lubex works with the tongue’s flexible and soft nature, it helps women feel the organ’s action more.  

Lubex also help reduce the fatigue the tongue or fingers may experience during the act. Furthermore, Lubex goes well with several women hygiene products like vaginal wipes. In other words, they can clean or wipe the lubricants off with almost all intimate products. 

Another benefit of Lubex for women includes the lack of fear of infection when the item gets used alone or paired with intimate hygiene products. Additionally, there is no possibility of addiction or irritation. Thus, women can use lubes and intimate wipes without any concern whatsoever.
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