How Men Can Use Lube for Better Sex

How Men Can Use Lube for Better Sex

When lube is mentioned, most men think of how it promotes wetness, making vaginal penetration, masturbation, and anal sex tolerable and more pleasurable. Whereas it is true to say that personal lubricants eliminate dryness that can make sex uncomfortable and painful in whichever form, there is so much more to it simply because lubricants are not made equal. Please don't make the mistake of grabbing the very first lube you come across thinking it will work as you expect; you might be in for a shock! 

It helps as a man to know exactly what intimate products you need, if at all you are to make sex better. Some of the things you must look into to find the most suitable lubricant include the following:

* Type of sex – are you going vaginal, anal, or oral?

* Condom use 

* Sex toy use 

* Conception plans 

* Partner allergies and skins sensitivity 

* Foreplay goals 

When you go through the points above and answer the questions, you will easily choose the perfect lubricant for you and your partner. Check out the highlight below to see how you can make sex better using lube as a man. 

Make anal sex comfortable – If you fancy anal sex, it is essential to remember that that area does not self-lubricate, and sex can therefore be painful and damaging. Lube prepares the anus to accommodate penetration comfortably and safely for you and also your partner. In this case, a silicone-based lubricant is the best because it lasts long, eliminating frequent application in one session. The silicone lubricant gel is also latex safe so you can use it with condoms without any worries. 

Take vaginal pleasure to another level – a properly lubricated vaginal offers that extra glide that takes vaginal sex higher. Water based natural lubricant gel makes the best choice for skin-on-skin contact because it is chemical-free and does not trap bacteria inside the vagina. Water based lubricants are also safe to use with sex toys, although you might need to reapply severally to keep the glide on top. You can also use the silicone-based gel if you don't want to keep reapplying, but you must remember it is messier and can damage sex toys too. 

Give your partner sensual massages – There is no better way of easing sexual tension than starting with sensual massages. Petroleum and oil-based lubes are creamy and thick, making them ideal for massages intended to transition to sex. The lubes are refreshing to the skin, and you can be sure your partner will be more than ready after your sensual seduction. It is however important to remember that petroleum and oil-based lubricants can damage latex condoms exposing you to STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Their thickness also increases their chances of trapping bacteria leading to nasty infections. 

Keep foreplay enjoyable – Foreplay can significantly determine how a sexual session goes. When you stimulate all the right areas, including the butt and nipples, you can be sure to enjoy a steamy session. You can use specialty lubricants designed to create a heating, tingling, or cooling sensation on those erogenous zones to awaken wild sexual desire. When using specialty lubes, however, keep them off the genitals because they can irritate and burn. 

Make procreation fun – If making a baby is on your list when having sex, how about using organic lube designed specifically for pregnancy? Organic lube will ensure you and your partner have mind-blowing sex while allowing your sperms to swim all the way to the finish line without any hindrances. Some lubricants can hinder sperm mobility and even kill them hence the importance of choosing the proper lubricant. 

Lubex offers top-quality lubricants and intimate hygiene products. Besides lubricants, you can also consider getting vaginal wipes to keep sexual encounters pleasant.
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