Enhancing sexual experience with lubricants

Enhancing sexual experience with lubricants

If you desire to enhance your sexual experiences, you should consider getting lubricants. Lubex is a great way of reducing friction during penetration, and when you choose the flavored options, oral sex becomes even more enjoyable. However, it is not only about pleasure. Lubricants make sex safer. With Lubex lubricant gel, you reduce physiological and psychological health issues.

Health benefits associated with personal lubricants

There are interpersonal and psychological health benefits associated with lubricants. Most people believe women don't enjoy sex or want it as men do. This is not true. Women can and do experience orgasms, sometimes multiple times. If we were to compare a penis and a clitoris, the latter has more nerve endings. This makes it very sensitive, meaning women should be able to enjoy sex.

Even with the above fact, women can experience pain and discomfort during intercourse. Natural self-lubrication in women takes time sometimes, which can make sex uncomfortable. A great number of women experience sex-related anxiety, especially for fear of disappointing their partners or not getting enough lubrication. This makes things even worse and natural lubrication impossible. The size of the penis can also increase discomfort, especially for women.
Communication between partners is the most important way of handling sexual issues. Failure to do this maturely leads to frustrations and anxiety in the relationship. This frustration and embarrassment can be avoided by embracing intimate products such as Lubex. This product can get rid of the friction issue within a short time. Getting personal lubricants can take away the stress you may be feeling associated with lovemaking.

Lube and the reduction of STI/STD transmission risks

When sexual friction is too much, the risks of transmitting or catching sexually transmitted infections increase. Parts of the body, like the vagina, anus, and mouth, have mucus membranes. The mucous keeps pathogens from getting into the body. However, the membranes cannot restrict STIs from entering the body. When there is too much friction, you can get microscopic tears and cut on the mucous membranes allowing pathogens and diseases into the body. It is important to note that Lubex is not intended for preventing STIs and STDs. They only reduce friction making sex more comfortable, especially for women.
Water-based natural lubricants like Lubex are an important pick, especially for those who engage in anal sex. The rectum has a mucous membrane, but usually, it is not enough to keep the cuts and tears away. Lube is a more efficient and safer option. Water-based intimate hygiene products are the best over petroleum or oil-based that are more likely to cause yeast vaginitis or bacterial infections. Women's hygiene products should be water-based.

Condoms and lubes for safe sex

Avoid oil-based lubricants when using condoms. This is because the oil compromises the material, latex, which increases the risk of breakage. This could lead to sexually transmitted infection risks. It is important to appreciate how serious sexually transmitted infections are. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are serious and may bear long-term consequences. Lubex intimate wipes, vaginal wipes, and all other products are silicone or water-based. This makes them a safe option.

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